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FoxxxTracker4WD • FT4WD Home

Soap Lake, Washington

 Friday, February 26, 2021 - 10:35:31  hours


... Times, they are a changin'

So, not quite sure how to say this... I traded my Jeep in for a pickup... Goodbye to the Jeep life, for now.


I'm filled with sadness of course, but no regret. Need to be practical at times in our life so I made the choice to buy a vehicle that is much easier on me and have some real horsepower again. Oh, what that? What did I buy?


I bought a 2017 Ram Rebel. Its a pretty skookum truck I tell yah. Am I going to wheel it? Why, yes of course I am. It has a spiffy air ride suspension that has an "Off-Road" setting. Am I going to build it and buy all sorts of cool things for it? Why yes I am! I think one of the first things is to give her some increased air flow. So a cold air intake and new exhaust are right at the top of the list. Then I'm looking at bumpers. Thought about a chase rack too.


As I make changes and build her up, I'll post picks on the FT4WD facebook group.


As a side note. This was never a Jeep only website/group. It mat have seemed that way at times, because well I was driving a Jeep. So I spent more time in that end of the spectrum. Rest assured that we don't discriminate about what you wheel (except for maybe a Mini-Cooper - inside joke).


Jeep, Dodge, Chevy, Ford, Toyota or Nissan; trucks or SUV's, all are welcome and accepted. Just want the import guys to forgive some of us, cause we like to say things like Murica when we drink!


See yah on the trails!

Joe Carter - 11:04hours 2017/06/04

Founder - FoxxxTracker 4WD

[email protected]

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